Beautiful creative photography.

I like your ‘landscapes’ and ‘changes’ galleries in terms of composition and use of colour. My favourite gallery is ‘Water’ which in my opinion contains some of the most aesthetically pleasing and tranquil images. Can't promise not to pinch one or two idea's.
Ian Smith


Melanie - I am so pleased to have discovered your website. Your photographs inspire me. I will be a frequent visitor.
Richard. Denver Colorado.

I really like the images.

As a biologist they are just my sort of thing. Many of the images bring to mind landscape topography at one extreme or electron micrographs at the other. Fabulous colours too.
John. Scarborough.


Melanie, Ive just had chance to take a look at your wonderful work, ALL your pictures are truly beautiful, well done you, very impressive website too - keep up the good work its a credit to you.
Miss Rachel Leigh


Congratulations on your new Web Site Melanie.
Wishing you every possible success.
All My Love
Nigel. X